Social Barriers Solutions


By adopting a common sense and personal centred approach, Social Barriers Solutions Disability & Equality Consultancy and Support Services aims to help individuals, businesses and organisations to identify and eliminate the barriers which stop participation of disabled people, people living with long term medical conditions and people living with sensory impairments, in turn  enabling them to achieve their individual goals and aspirations.

Social Barriers Solutions provides  bespoke consultancy, training and support services in relation to equality issues to individuals, businesses and organisations to enable them to become more disability aware and confident.

“The professional and competent service received from SBS was appreciated at a time of some anxiety around sight loss issues.  I was listened to carefully and compassionately.  Up to date and accurate information was given to me in an appropriate format.  Thanks to the support from SBS a satisfactory outcome to my problems was achieved.”
Mrs P (Visually Impaired Client)



“Debbie is a highly committed and passionate individual, who has lived experience of sight loss and guide dog ownership.  She is able to effectively communicate appropriate messages about the barriers that visually impaired and blind people face, as well as to advocate for solutions that promote independent living.  Indeed, she has been an invaluable resource, both as a volunteer providing mentoring support to other disabled people and also as a consultant delivering disability equality training to medical students in Bristol.  As such, she is an ambassador not only in relation to providing support and information for other visually impaired people, but is also able to effectively engage and communicate with people at all levels.”
Kath Sutherland (Founder of Startability Services)


“I have known Debbie for well over a year now, we have met and worked together on an employment information portal /pathway for people in Wiltshire with a visual impairment (VI).
Debbie is a very warm, positive, friendly and professional lady. She is passionate about offering support to people with disabilities and enabling them as much as possible and overcome the barriers out there.
Debbie has contributed greatly towards the recent piece of work and is determined to help me make it totally accessible for people with a VI.
She recently attended a conference we organised about Autism and the Criminal Justice System and is very keen to be involved in other projects.
I would be more than happy to work with Debbie on other projects in the future and I have a lot of time and respect for Debbie.”
(Joanna Maplesden Assistant Joint Commissioner – Autism/PI/SI Specialist Commissioning Team Department of Adult Care, Housing Strategy & Commissioning Wiltshire Council)


‘I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie on a number of disability related projects. Her knowledge around sight loss and the impact it can have has been invaluable when identifying services, barriers and solutions. What Debbie doesn’t know about disability, you could fit on the back of a stamp!’
(Belson – Employment & Retention Coordinator)